Allied Innovative Systems (ALLIS)

Allied Innovative Systems (ALLIS) is a Research and Development company, which develops new technologies for the healthcare and consumer markets. The ALLIS research work has been supported in part by the NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants. With the support of a number of NIH grants, ALLIS has developed several novel technologies in the diverse fields of clinical diagnostics, high throughput drug screening and drug delivery systems.

Products, Investors and Partnerships

Allied Innovative Systems (ALLIS) is a biotechnology company with a portfolio of technologies and immunoassay products at different stages of development from concept to licensing. The company’s business model entails conceptual design and development followed by sequential licensing and manufacturing of novel technologies and products.

Our company seeks to build strategic relationships with business partners that are interested in bringing our technologies to market. To maintain ALLIS’s hard-earned tradition of independence, investments will be channeled into limited partnerships specific for a given product or set of products. As a product passes defined milestones in development and commercialization, investors will be able to realize value in the form of commercialization and marketing rights. This gives investors the flexibility to narrowly target their investments on a specific technology, while granting ALLIS and its scientific collaborators operational freedom to continue innovating.

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