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We have created and patented four distinct technologies: AmpliFlux technology, Flow-through cell counting assay (FTCA),Ultrasound Particle Agglutination (UPA) method,Barbell Horn Ultrasonic Technology (BHUT)

AmpliFlux/FET: The industry standard technology Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay (ELISA) is widely used in biology and medicine for detection of viruses, bacteria, cancer markers, and other physiologically active substances. It is used routinely in research, clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories. However, in many cases the sensitivity of ELISA is inadequate. Thus, increasing the sensitivity, accuracy and general performance of these assays offers a significant opportunity to address unmet clinical needs. Our AmpliFlux technology improves the sensitivity and accuracy of numerous diagnostic assays.

Flow-through cell counting assay (FTCA): Individuals with HIV infection and AIDS exhibit abnormalities of the immune system, reflected largely in their CD4+ T lymphocytes, which are targeted by the virus. In most HIV-infected persons there is a gradual decline in CD4 cells, whereas people who are successfully treated demonstrate an increase in CD4 lymphocytes. Measurement of CD4 lymphocyte levels provides information that guides therapy and predicts disease outcome. In general, CD4 counts should be monitored every 3-6 months in HIV-infected individuals in order to 1) determine when to start retroviral therapy (HAART) 2) evaluate response to HAART, and 3) assess the need for initiation or discontinuation of prophylaxis for opportunistic infections [1].

Ultrasound Particle Agglutination (UPA) method: Ultrasound Particle Agglutination (UPA) is a platform technology in which ultrasound is used to improve the performance of conventional particle agglutination immunoassays. UPA improves conventional particle agglutination and haemagglutination assays, by increasing sensitivity, decreasing incubation times, lowering reagent costs and delivering more quantitative results.

Barbell Horn Ultrasonic Technology (BHUT): Allied Innovative Systems (ALLIS) is a strategic partner of Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC (New York, NY, USA) in the development of Barbell Horn Ultrasonic Technology (BHUT). BHUT is an innovative tool for preparation of pharmaceutical nanoemulsions, liposomes and other nano-scale drug delivery systems. Below we provide a brief description of BHUT and several applications.

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